▶ Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood- Opening 4 HD

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Rafaela Soares says:


Dinos Sauro says:

1st: Shit…
2nd: Hmm it's good…

iDermyy says:

I lost my brother, arm and leg by watching this but it was worth.

J Squad Vlogs says:

Honestly pride being the kid was a little bit of a stretch for me why would someone like pride allow himself to be bossed around by humans all day and why did he take the time to write that poem thing to wrath in one of the earlier episodes if he knew he wasn’t even related

Lust Of The Wired says:

Good job @SIRISYSPRIME. You found the original.

~Credit to the Author~

that one jedi nobody knows the name of says:

This is up there with neon genisis' opening

Sun Shines says:

Best opening 😻😻

THE_CURRY_Boi says:

The moment you realize the portal disintegrated

gregori millan says:

Diablos! El tipo que canta esta canción tiene una súper voz 👍

itachi uchiha says:

I love picture this channel
Ratchet and clank

Νίκος Μπαμπαλιάρης says:

Emperooooooor!!!! See the crown?

Dark Slayer 555 says:


Lightning Runner says:

Me: 😭🙏🏻❤️
Every time I listen to this

XxxshanaxxX says:

I think I broke the replay button 😅😅

Red Cardinal says:

DAMN… I wish the volume to my earbuds could go higher…:-( is there a setting that I don't know about yet???)

and, yes. i know.
this is such an unoriginal comment…

John Cena says:

https://youtu.be/GHjmlOIww8w nice cover of Chemistry – Period

viscous moon says:

It's still the best opening!

Zombie terminator says:

Its amazing

LittleBoy says:

the dislikes are from homunculi

Zeus TheFarous says:

Guys I am making anime opening for movies go check them out !😌

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