10 Amazing Chemical Reactions Complication

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Main channel CrazyRussianHacker – http://www.youtube.com/user/CrazyRussianHacker


Mr. Crispy says:

4:37 click this at full volume at you r own risk

Kenneth Fernando says:

its so cool how did you make I love your videos

DazeyTube says:

complication ?lololololol

Brillin Alex says:

I got it that's because of the protein's form of space changed

Keno Manulat says:

This thing is super hot and warm

Keno Manulat says:

Boom did you see that

Jason says:

Great video thanks for posting


boom boom fu-kin boom.
i turned him off boom

David Shaum-Perry says:

I love sceince


Please make different colors of flames. Thats awesome.

Naweed K N says:


Jim Morgan says:

Could have made Blackpudding with that blood! 😞

Justin Potts says:

They're blood muffins

666Mrnecrobutcher says:

haukul iz diet, ha?

Ruiming Liang says:

the Russian medicine experiment scared me @ 4:36

Saurav Pawar says:

can anyone tell me where from you get the chemicals?

Beastonea says:

Yo that is a waste of blood in the starting

Pamela Gilroy says:

it has nasty things in it

austin fitch says:

Of course Russian medicine is just explosives in desgise

Randy Magnum says:

Luuk! It make a disgustink mess!

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