10 Amazing Experiments You Can Do At Home

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Top 10 homemade  science  tricks that are fun  and  easy to do!
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Science may have been an intimidating subject for us in school,  and  typically we associate  science  with geniuses who got straight A’s in school. Whether you have kids or you’re just curious about  science  experiments, you don’t have to go all the way to a university lab to see  science  at work. You see,  science  is all around us in the colors we see  and  the environment all around us. The chances are that you already have the supplies you need to make your own  science  experiment from the comfort of your own home. If you have ever baked anything, then you’re already using  science  as baking is a form of  chemistry . Do you know what profession uses  science  on a regular basis? Hair stylists! A beautician depends on the chemical reaction of hair dyes  and  other hair products in order to create a finished look straight from the magazines.
The beauty of  science  is that it is readily available to any of us despite age or educational background. You can make your own water that glows in the dark by just using some water  and  a highlighter with some UV light. Are you hungry? You can make your own rock candy using just sugar, water, a wooden skewer, a glass,  and  a clothespin.
So, if you’ve ever wanted to impress your friends at parties, impress a date, or act like you have some supernatural powers, then check out this video  and  some of the most amazing  science  experiments that you can not only do a home, but they are ridiculously easy.

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Magnetic Fluid
Glow Water
Pasta Rocket
Homemade Lava Lamp
Rock Candy
Liquid Art
Instant Ice
Turn Water into Wine
Floating Orb

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Kris says:

im the only one at school that doesnt want to watch movie or free lessons i just want science i love it

Silvia Espinoza says:

this is cool

the wet willy says:

Mix bleach with acetone and sniff it

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CookieKat 104 says:

Before I watch the video… does the picture on the cover ever actually happen?


Cool I totally have a rare earth magnet

Charles Odom says:

Can you still drink the water🤤😢

parz says:

Alright kids today we will be making wine!

Azeara Azymoto says:

So they say this is for kids. I don’t care if you’re supposed to be supervised or not why would an adult let a kid do anything g with wine except sip it once or maybe twice.

King Kiitt says:

You can do "at home"
* shows a "RARE EARTH MAGNET *
Sure, I have A FREAKING RARE EARTH MAGNET lying somewhere around the house.

Anushka Suthakar says:

I made a lava lamp before u need water vegetable oil food colouring and stomache tablets

Crazy Gaming says:

The phumbnail

Yolanda Mcneal says:

You don't need borax for slim you need tide because borax can cause damage or burn to your skin

itzMe GALAXY says:

this is to fast

Kiara Phillipoff says:

Almost everyone knows how to make slime😂

YaMB -Boi says:

Wtf is a UV light

Danelys Galindo says:

Nice and thanks i need to entertain my cousin and this is jackpot for success

roomy bhone says:

Roses are red
Violet are blue
I just got clickbaited
So as you

راكان الجنوبي says:

You took footage from the king of random without crediting him
(You may not have gotten sued, but this is still scummy)

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