19 Super Cool Science Experiments For Kids And Adults

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Michelle H says:

How come you would let your kids use spirit

Clarissa Cabansay says:

What kind of Spirit? The liquid thing you put in the sand

Laura Alexandri says:

This channel is cancer, teaching to our kids how to burn the house

mau5 M maux says:

Q material es spirit no lo se alguien me dice

Factasia Football says:


Di kampung saya biasa disebut tataian.. iya tai 😁

Fir3Gam4r says:

what kind of parents let there kids shove there hands into fire

Jenjee says:

where do you find the "spirit" liquid?

G.O.M. GNS says:

What is "
spirit"? (not a ghost, i suppose)

Mrunal Kulkarni says:

2nd one is fake

Samuil Petrovski says:

the experement whit smoke on your fingers is trash

Jon Steven says:

The nitrogen…..

Mr. A says:

Yg kesini gara gara sod?

ugly mofo says:

1:25, how to really summon a demon

Madison Sas says:


Madison Sas says:

I have th first thing you did but I didn’t make it. I bought it lol too lAzy

Lloryane Abcde Nacnac says:

Omg super cool experiment

Kpop is Trash says:

almost beat t series in this channel subscriber


No hate, but you should probably mention for the hydrogen peroxide that it is dangerous to touch and that kids shouldn’t touch it. They might think it’s like slime or something

Bajrang Lal says:

He!Can anyone give me like because no one is giving me like 😭😭😭😭😭

Fortnite Default says:

How do you do the first experiment on your video????? Please answer

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