1st place science fair ideas- 10 ideas and tricks to WIN!

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10 ideas  and  some power tips to make you the king of your  science  fair!
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Credit to my sister Lisa for being my professional consultant on a lot of these ideas  and  tips.

My 10 ideas:

1. Number of card shuffles
1.5 Do Carrots improve night vision?
2. 5 second rule
3. Dirtiest surfaces in your house
4. Helium soccer balls
5. Rock, Paper, Scissors strategy- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/03/rock-paper-scissors_n_5255288.html
6. Does Practice make Perfect?
7. Best paper airplane
8. Best microwave strategy. Measure the speed of light- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH5W6xEeY5U
9. Rubber animal reactions
10. “He looks just like you”

Additional awesome ideas from the comments:
1. How often do people actually stop at stop signs? See if there are patterns for age, car model, etc.
2. ???

4 power tips:
1. Make it relatable
2. Measure 1 thing. Change 1 thing.
3. Make a prediction
4. Practice the interview

Haircut tips raw data- https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8504613/Haircut%20Tip%20Amounts.xlsx

0:08- Almost Original- Joakim Karud- https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
2:01- Berlin- Andrew Applepie- http://andrewapplepie.com/

Summary: I’m a big fan of  science  fairs because for a lot of kids it’s their first exposure to  science ! But I think a lot of times it’s not a good first impression. I tried to come with 10 ideas  and  general tips that will make it way  more  awesome for the student.

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Mark Rober says:

Big fat thanks to Studio C! Mash that bell up there to get notified and send this to someone who has a science fair coming up!

AdorablePotato says:

For 8th grade I had a science fair and my idea was to see how long it took wood to rot in Lake Conroe water because hurricane Harvey just passed at the time so I wanted to see how much danger people would be in if they stayed in their home for too long with the water but also the people who stayed in their home without changing the wood that was affected by the lake water. I didn't win anything but I did get a medal for the best idea out of my whole school.

Jonathan Saenz says:

Mark!!! This was such a great video! I love every one of the ideas!!! Calculating the speed of light!!! Excellent idea for a science project!

Aviation Amazing says:

I did one on can planes fly differently

Troy DT says:

" l love refrigerators "

Obaid Machiwalla says:

some body did something of a ball with heat cool and sound but that not relatable yet he won county fair

Daniel Svensson says:

Mark, I LOVE YOU for that kids looking like their parents bit. I have NEVER understood people who say that the kid looks just like the parent, when they get older, sure. But as an infant, they basically all look the same to me (slight exaggeration, but still). I finally have a person that agrees with me and it's a genius, so HA, I WIN! 😂😂😂

Julia Osburn says:

I would do the beat method to launch a plastic bottle rocket . Like is baking soda and vinegar best or water pressure and if so what is the best shape of the rocket

Animals Forever301 says:

But for idea 7 that kind of is like when you were kicking the soccer ball. You won’t always throw the plane the same

Chris Fard says:

What is the percentage of chips inside a lays bag?

Matt says:

I still remember what I did for my science fair project. I’m 33 now. Haha. It was what light and lack of light does to your pupil.

Bratati Panchanan says:

Which is the best for ninth grade

Amanda Stillwell says:

I won a few times with a little morse code tapper made out of metal tape and an electromagnet

My Gatcha Videos says:

I made a science fair project that is what liquids makes a lightbulb turn on in a microwave. It’s got Second but I think it was a cool one

Jumping Mango says:

i wanted to use the rock paper scissor shoot idea but i didn't want other people who also watched this video to get mad at me for getting 1st place.

Bazinga says:

11:54 Mark over here trynna sneak a fast one on us smh

Emma Silver says:

One of my science fair projects that probably could have gotten 1st place had it not been for my lack of repetition was a project that I worked on to figure out how I could tolerate soy again. I had developed a soy intolerance that basically prevented me from eating anything containing soy products, with the exception of soy sauce. I did a lot of research to figure out why that was, and I found out that because the soy in soy sauce is fermented, it's easier for the body to digest than things that are not fermented, such as soy oil and soy lecithin. And then I went online to see what, if anything, could reduce the effect that soy has on my body. Figuring out how to do that won me 3rd place in the school science fair, even though I didn't have very many repetitions, and even though it didn't make it past the district level, it was something that I've been able to use for the rest of my life.

Scottish Sam says:

I did a solar oven with my daughter that wants to be an engineer. Turned out great and we had a lot of fun! Also it really difficult to fail in Phoenix lol.

Riku Cat says:

My trick- fill out your papers before doing the experiment. Be like “it took the sugar ________ seconds to dissolve in the hot water.” When you want to you can do the experiment and fill in the blanks.

Andrea Sauceda says:

I did an experiment on video games too. My partner and I picked three types of videogames, which were action, horror, and puzzle. We chose one game for each type. We gathered 10 people to play the three videogames. For each videogame we measured the person's blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and environmental concentration (we poked them with a toothpick in one of their arms while they were looking away). It took a lot of time and effort, especially beacause we had to measure these before, during, and after for all three games with every test subject. The results were pretty amazing, and at the end we won first place. If you like videogames this is the experiment for you.

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