This week Reactions is giving you some good old  chemistry   and   science  jokes. Last year, Reactions shook up the comedy world with a video featuring nothing but  chemistry  jokes. After overwhelming public acclaim, we’re back [More]
This week Reactions is coming at you with some  chemistry  jokes. Chuckle along to these funny  science  puns. April Fool’s Day is here, so here are a bunch of  chemistry  jokes to celebrate. Enough said. [More]
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Chemistry (2011) – 3 series. Chemistry (2011) – 4 series. Chemistry (2011) -12 series.
Whacky colour changes, magic disappearing water, blowing up dustbins, clouds of steam, thunder air explosions. Are you ready to fasten your seatbelts  and  enjoy the ‘explosive’ journey? In his talk, Andrew aims to promote  chemistry  [More] Music video for Chemistry performed by Asher Angel. Video features Annie Le Blanc Copyright (C) 2018 Big Bubble Media LLC — Powered by