5 Jobs You Can Get With A Science Degree (that you didn’t know existed)

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Here are 5 jobs you can get with a  science  degree or  science  major that will help you break into the pharmaceutical, biotech, dietary supplements or food industries.

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Students  and  recent grads think that the only jobs you can get with a  science  degree is to either work in a lab or to become a doctor (or a dentist, or a pharmacist). It seems incredibly bleak  and  I also blame the professors for teaching this thinking to their students.

Luckily for you, this is not true – there are plenty of jobs you can get with a  science  degree. One of the most common problems is that students, unfortunately, just don’t know that these jobs exist, so they end up limiting their own careers or needlessly change career paths or majors.

In this video, I present to you 5 jobs you can get with a  science  major that will help you break into the pharmaceutical, biotech, nutraceuticals/dietary supplements  and  food industries. I talk about:

– 5 jobs you can get get with a  science  degree

– How many of my friends pursued a career with their  science  major

– Why we think  science  jobs are limited to physicians  and  lab analysts


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Devin Smith says:

nice microp[hone

Benjamin McCall says:

Thank you for your time and effort. I graduated with a degree in Chemistry but I have never been a "wet lab" kind of person. I majored in Chemistry mostly for medical school. I am looking for a way to use my chemistry knowledge and medical background to do something like what you do. The question I always ask is How much do you depend on your science degree in your day to day business? How much of your job is scientific in nature (reading about various research and understanding biological processes) and how much is purely administrative that does not require any science background? I just don't want to get too far away from the sciences. Thanks again!!

Rose says:

Thank you so much for this video. You have no idea how much this helped me.🙏🏽✨

blackl1steddrums says:

Frankly that all sounds very boring 🙁

zZBlaze321Xx says:

Not trying to be a dick… but can you fix audio

Dr.Ahmed Eldweek says:

My daughter wants to join bachelor of Medical science…. will you advice her to join ….
a lot of thanks to you

Brandan Allen says:

What degree did u get ?

Peter Adler says:

Super helpful and encouraging! Thank you very much.

HypeTheGamer says:

What about space science?

Part-Time Vegan says:

Anyone have a Low science gpa looking for ANYTHING? lol

Jimi Ohh says:

Literally had to skip half the video.

Joshua Briggs says:

This is awesome! Thank you so much for your time.

Horus says:

How about paleontology? I want to become a paleontologist but im not sure where to start. I read to get a bachelor in bio but im having a hard time finding solid info. Whatre you thoughts?? Thank you.

Wong Tik Ki says:

Basically join something such as SGS.

Asia Mcsween says:

2:45 your welcome

Tushar raosaheb Dhawade Nimgaon daku says:

tushar dhawade

WildCard says:

Skip to 1:45

Julio Quinones says:

plant pathology, plant physiology, entomology, soil and water science, soil microbiologist. let's see , food scientists. the world's population will always need food and lots of scientist to pave the way.

Luana Primus says:

great video

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