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For the  chemistry  theory power point presentation:
State board test preparation for COSMETOLOGY CHEMISTRY part of the theory exam for cosmetologist,cosmetology instructors, manicuring, barber, esthetician students to pass the theory part of the state board exam, get their license,  and  start working in the salon. Beauty School Students’ theory test preparation; free test with multiple choice questions  and  the answers at the end. Watch  more  then 5 times to have positive recall of the material at the exam. Video by BeautyHealthtravel Channel.


Glamougirly says:

Would "C" be the correct answer for #16?
Do you know how many questions there are for the written test? Thanks bunches.:)

Sara M says:

First of all I would truly like to thank you for taking the time to make this videos, they are truly helpful. With that being said, I hope I don't sound ungrateful, its just that I'm a little confused about the Chemistry test portion it went from 21 to 23, with 30 questions and answers but i am missing 22 I was wondering if it was possible to get that question? – Thank you Again…

Yani.Imani says:

There is no question typed in the presentation for #22 but you did provide us with the answer, being B. If you could reply to this with the question and what the actual answer is that would be awesome!

Herbal Hair Food says:

u skip toward 21 and didn't give us 30. Figure it out for us, something went wrong

Marilyn Epps says:

Check your Q&A.  There is a skip in the question #22.  The answers of off at #22.

Tuan Ngo says:


tina kozma says:

Thank you so much for these videos! They are so helpful!

BeautyHealthTravel says:

Sure, there is the theory part of this video in the playlist. Hope you find it.

Olivve and natural says:

can you please make video for chemistry with the questions

BeautyHealthTravel says:

You are right; neutralizer is acid, that means from 0-7. It is a typo. Sorry.

truvision7 says:

Hi thank you so much for this valuble study guide. I have a question though, on number 23 it said D is the answer so it would be "neutralizers are acid, they have a PH of 14".. is this correct? I didnt know if maybe this was a misprint cause I had A as the right answer and it said it was D. I just thought an acid should be below 7 for it to neutralize. Just double checking to make sure Im studying it right. (: Thanks!

Mirian Aguilar says:

I would like too have may licensen thank you for evething here I was happy to see that

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