Awesome Science Experiments: Amazing Chemical, Physical and Culinary 不 EXPERIMENTS: CARBON DIOXIDE

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It is a beautiful  and  simple Physics Experiments at Home!
Make your awesome home chemical tricks with carbon dioxide, it is exciting  and  fun! To do this, you have everything you need at home: vinegar  and  soda.


N3sKey says:

wait isn't carbon dioxide extremely toxic to humans ?

Shaik Shainaj says:

Nice I like it

madhu bhai R Dave says:

How to made auto fire paper with chemical

abdulwahab desai says:

Water is not Passing

Kim Kim says:

What's their names anyway?

park eun kyo says:

hi i want to ask ??how to explain this video please tell me pleaseeeeeeee

Dharmadevi udhay kumar says:

How much content of vinegar and soda should be added?

Dipu Surendran says:

how did the smoke trap in the glass

Neesa 99 says:

What is the powder you did inside ????

Manu Man says:

thanks alot

shaik sharif says:


Anjali Gupta says:

Mind blowing


In last experiment you add something in water, was that??

surya event management says:

In the second one is it baking soda or liquid soda? Pl tell me.

Savitha U says:

Is that baking soda???

Naamloos Persoon says:

You can carbonize your drink with this.

Teairra Wiltz says:

He is not telling us how to make some of them

This Is ME says:

Ohhh! Thanks a LOOOT! I'm gonna do these experiments next weeeek! Thank you sir! Keep it up


tidak ada oksigen tidak ada api

Steveyy says:

Whats the concept/Chemical equation in Blowing the balloon?

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