Balancing Chemical Equations – Chemistry Tutorial

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A  chemistry  tutorial designed to help learn the basic principles of balancing chemical equations, along with examples  and  methods of balancing different chemical equations.


syam sundar Jampana says:

Forget the below comment I understand thanks

syam sundar Jampana says:

Did u add 4+2+2 because for the other sidenu just did 4+4

Never Say No to Panda says:

you teach better than my chem teacher thank you so much 🙂

2DFandomSauce says:

Rather useful

LC TF says:

her voice is so sexy

Desert Lake Striper says:

KICK ASS! Thank you, very clear

Daniel Almon says:

This video is great

Miss Jessica says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I understand this now! I was able to think about solving the answer as you were talking! Thank you!!

Apik Creations says:

Really helpful b4 seeing this video this was really tough for me…….thanx

niraj hbk says:

Think I have to show the video to my chemistry teacher

ephraim416 says:

Big Thumbs Up! 👍👍👍

Mami Burger says:

that stutter at 6:37 tho… stopped, took a breath, recovered. lol.

Fish Man says:

You sound hot

Shreya Singh says:

best balancing equations vid evvvvver ! thanks alot 🙂 ….

Soupaboii says:

Finally! its 11:11pm atm and i have my final exam on everything on science tomorrow! i have tried to find tutorials online that would actually be easy and straighfoward but couldnt, either because they kept me off subject or just were swept away with too many details about this and that.i finally found a video that was straightfoward, an easy voice to listen too. and very understanding. its very simple i see now thank you so much! 😀

abdo bokhari says:

you saved me ass :3

Banana Kid says:

i was just listening to the voice for the whole video

Banana Kid says:

sub and i will sub back!

ThatAwkwardGirl says:

11+6 is 16? No it is 17.

Alucard says:

Omg pls I love this channel, now because of you i understand balancing equations very well. thank you so much

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