Balancing Chemical Equations using Graphing Calculator (TI-84) – with Examples!

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Have you ever wondered how to quickly balance chemical equations without struggling with them for a few (or  more ) minutes? Well, this video shows you a step-by-step guide with examples on how to use matrix/linear algebra on your graphing calculator to quickly obtain the answer (no high-level math required). If you have any questions or ideas for improvement, feel  more  than free to comment them below!

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I always waste a plenty of time trying to balance chemical equations in the exams. This is going to save me alot of time in the exam tomorrow. Thank you so much for the clear explanation.

SwagSwagMoneybags says:

Thank you, this is amazing! Balancing equations is so difficult for me to understand when I do it the long way, this is super helpful.

Lexi Kortman says:

This is going to be SO HELPFUL in chemistry…… I can't balance an equation to save my life!

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