Basic Chemistry for Biology, Part 1: Atoms

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This video series, Basic Chemistry for Biology Students, teaches the basic  chemistry  that you’ll need to know in your biology course, whether that’s introductory high school level, AP Biology, or even a first year college biology course.
The series covers
1. The structure of atoms (a nucleus with protons  and  neutrons; electrons orbiting outside in orbitals)
2. What biology students need to know about the Periodic Table.
3. The “Octet Rule” for understanding how electrons are organized into orbitals.
4. Ionic bonding (how atoms trade electrons to become charged ions,  and  the ionic bonds that result)
5. Covalent bonding (how atoms share electrons to form molecules)
Key  chemistry  terms (element, compounds, molecules, etc).
6. Understanding chemical formulas (molecular formulas  and  structural formulas).
Each video is tightly linked to tutorials at chemistry -tutorials/


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