Basics of Chemistry: Lesson 1

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Welcome to the first video in my Basics of Chemistry course!
This lesson will be about the atom, the Periodic Table of Elements, the atomic number  and  the mass number.

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Eve Nighshade says:

Is it best to learn chemistry bore learning physics? like partical physics?

kalpana gambhir says:

it is good ,i m able to clear my topic properly

Mike Gushwa says:

Give the guy a f**ken break. This is not a popularity contest. (oh, your voice sounds boring) He is not your psycologist, here to diagnose and treat your deppresion and make you happy, you idiots! Do you people really attack everyone who attempts to make a free tutorial video, with insults? You people SUCK!

Alan Mendoza says:

Even though it was kinda boring i still listened to it

Lizzy 666 says:

thank you for making this because i keep falling asleep in class and its so boring. so ty now i can watch my movie bye

DL Lieberman says:

Thank you for your effort in making this video. I enjoyed it because I did not come here for entertainment; I came here to learn, which I did. You deserve a thumbs up for your effort. Keep up the good work.

Dimitriy Esdaile-Watts says:

u cant read

royal peny says:

I prefer a boring voice which will teach and tell me what I need to know to build my understanding rather than a gentle voice with an empty skull. Love the vid

Renee Tompkins says:

50 yrs old and going back to school….registered for pre-nursing Chem starting next week and I'm REALLY nervous. I love your style, and look forward to utilizing your videos as a supplement to my textbook. Thank you 🙂

Life less says:

I know a lot shit that is chemistry based no idea what goes behind it haha.

Delle Durand says:

well… this did not help at all.

Dazzletoad says:

Boring, and if you are going to 'teach' chemistry, then you should first study it. Don't get your friends to knock up powerpoints, then sit with a mic and commentate it.

TheBioBeast says:

Gave up, did ya?

Duaa Nabeel says:

Where's the rest of the lessons?

PorkinsStandinBy says:

This taught me quite a bit, thank you! Although, working on making your voice a little more enthusiastic will definitley help, and will make more people interested. Besides that, very informal and helpful!

Atege shumughe says:

this is cool


If you dumbasses need gimmicks to learn you might as well just stick to jerking off and wondering how babbys are formed.

Credsy says:

Worst video ever.

Kevin Rivera says:

Very monotone and unhelpful. Sure, there is some good information in there but there are no colors; there is nothing exciting here to make the information stick in people's heads

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