Calculators with Scientific Notation

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Kids these days don’t know how to use a calculator to do scientific notation. This lesson shows how to do so using several different commonly used models.


Chrome Firefox says:

I like the way he is teaching.

Vaishali Deodare says:

Don,t subscribe this mad fellow

Vaishali Deodare says:

Are u mad talking any non sense .

Ghoul X says:

I like the fact that this teacher complains at the first time then tells us to bring a

Symond Henry Lungtiawia says:

Hey did you try to show off your calculator

Default To The Max says:

Thanks heaps from Australia!

Violet Eland says:

Thank u …u helped me pass my exam

мάlάк _ says:

Thank you I needed this💜

sanjay kumar says:

But tell atleast how to avoid this divide problem

Monalisa Scarlett says: really helped

Spirit Ofyore says:

Your negativity overshadows the lesson being taught.

Angelina Lulli says:

you talk to much.

Melissa Marie says:

It’s very unfortunate, that there are teachers like you, that speak to people, students this way.

rennishka forde says:

Thanks you help me a lot

Řóÿãł Jämåîçąñ says:

Lmao whats wrong with this man….. Its like his wife aint giving him……😉😂😂 he frustrated with his students

bonnie league says:

You're just a ray of sunshine- NOT!

Chloe Johnston says:

Very helpful thank you.

Roya playzRBLX says:

such a life saver lol

marianne reid says:

I missed how to do the negative exponent on the TI. that’s the only thing I needed!

craffte says:

I recommend Speyburn. Neat.

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