Chapter 1 – Matter and Measurement: Part 1 of 3

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In this video, I (Dr. Mike Christiansen from Utah State University) will begin my Semester 1 Undergraduate General Chemistry course. In this lecture I’ll teach you about what  chemistry  is  and  why it’s important. I’ll also define numerous vocabulary words, such as matter, element, atom, molecule, compound, pure substance vs. mixture, gas, liquid, solid, homogenous vs. heterogeneous, solution, physical change vs. chemical change,  and  precision vs. accuracy. Furthermore, I will teach you how to classify a substance as being pure, mixture, homogeneous or heterogeneous. I’ll teach you SI units  and  prefixes,  and  how to inter-convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit,  and  Kelvin scales.

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Mohamed iLka Yare says:

Thanks your teach

dolandlydia says:

Is this guy teaching high school students?

Emily Ross says:

Is this good for high schoolers taking AP chem

Hassan Albadrani says:

It’s very great and useful Videos

The Adel says:

Where can I find the answers please ?

NuminousChild says:

This is so helpful when i'm trying to prepare myself for my fall chem class

Songleng Hak says:

And with this. Im no longer watching any of your video. I was hoping to see if i got all your answer right. Almost a waste of time.

Nathaniel Adegbite says:

Mr Christensen, if i could figure the answer on my own i won't be on YouTube looking for answers. it it will only take you few seconds to explain the answers but you just made your videos irrelevant because people cannot get the answers that brought them to YouTube in the first place

sicilianotoronto says:

Thanks for doing these great videos! I just started university Chem online with Athabasca U. It's great to have videos to solidify what I read!

Nimra Farooq says:

mike are you on twitter ?

Rafel Olawale says:

please can you send me the answes to the questions @

Mhraa ALK says:

do you have this chapter on pdf?

RAY Z says:

wow i really did understand everything in this video thanks alot Mr,jeff or should i say Dr jeff, any ways i wish you could put the answers at the end of the video.

Mel Nuesch says:

You´re really good at teaching ! congratulations! keep doing this.
greetings from Uruguay 🙂

I am Groot says:

I always skip out at times or sleep during class, this video is a life saver..

Areej alghamdi says:

I Am from Saudi Arabia thank you very much , you best teacher explain chemistry 👍

William Cusco says:

Awesome vid. Very Helpful, much thanks. I have a small difficulty on understanding the relationship between and element and an atom. is a atom a element with a certain structure. or are element made of multiple atoms.

rayms6823 says:

does it help with 2016 student who is studying in ap chem?
My teacher sucks, he told us to self-study lol

TurkeySandwitch says:

Mike I fucking love u , i cant re-watch a video of my lecture but these videos were life saving as I was able to understand the first lec (most important one), if ur gay ill marry u <3

Myase Saleh says:

I think it is illegal to do that to that penny.

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