Chemical Elements & Compounds, Periodic Table, States of Matter – Chemistry Lesson for Children

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Mr. Beaker will show you how elements are organized on the Periodic Table. Learn about chemical elements, the Periodic Table of elements, properties of solids, liquids,  and  gases, such as sugar, water, helium,  and  oxygen. This lesson includes practical exercises. Recommended for grade 4.

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Miles K says:


Matthew Repp says:

Thank you helped so much I was getting a little confused in class

Eric Marsh says:

this is really nice

Wilson Johnson says:

I'm in high school too

Heewon Cho says:

Sodium is not the seventh element of the periodic table.

sjj gamer says:

im in senior and im watching this also you are small im 18 years old

Ayron Hernandez says:

I am 4th grade and i am watching this…

Action Floor Care says:

so awsome! Love the graphics

Marilynn Braley says:

im in school right now

RK YOGI says:

It was awesome! The guy looks like Albert Einstein. We like when his eyebrows are moving.

solomon abay says:

hey science is awesome

Mr. spectacles says:

I am 12 and understood this

l z says:

What is the website I need to go on?

Brave Frontier Aneil says:

lel i am in highschool and im watching this

Berit Davidson says:

Thank you for these easy to understand videos. Please note the correction at 13:11, Sodium is confused with Nitrogen where it states that Sodium is found between carbon & oxygen.

Jenna Korsunsky says:

It was awesome! The guy looks like Albert Einstein. We like when his eyebrows are moving.

Dr.Noob plays Minecraft says:

And yes, we're that one percent

Dr.Noob plays Minecraft says:

What about plasma which take up 99% of the universe

Claire says:

This is awesome now I can really impress my teacher!

Chloe Parkinson says:

This is great revision! Thanks!

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