Chemical Volcano and Fire Blizzard with Chromium Oxide!

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Interesting chemical experiments:
Hello everyone. Today we will conduct a reaction with chromium oxide 3. Chromium oxide will serve us as a catalyst. We will get the chromium oxide out of the reaction of the decomposition of ammonium dichromate.
Do not attempt to repeat following experiment by yourself!

For the reaction, we will take a metal cup  and  pour there a little, though nevermind, let’s just empty the entire ammonium of dichromate.

Next, we ignite the substance using a burner  and  then observe the beautiful decay of the substance.

Well, the reaction has been completed now  and  we’ve got quite a lot of chromium oxide 3 as a result.

The first reaction with it is going to be the catalytic oxidation of ammonia using chromium oxide 3.

We will get ammonia gas from a Wurtz flask. To obtain it, we need a mixture of sodium hydroxide  and  ammonium nitrate.

Now pour the reagents into the flask. Since ammonia is lighter than air, it is best to collect it from the bottom of the vessel. To start the reaction, we’ll add some water to the mixture.

The reaction has started  and  now ammonia is entering the glass jar. After the jar is filled with ammonia, we need to heat up the chromium oxide 3.

Light up the burner, get a bit of chromium oxide 3 into a spoon  and  heat it up.

Now let’s add the retrieved red-hot chromium oxide into our jar.

What did just happen during this reaction, you could wonder. Ammonia in the jar has reacted with oxygen. The catalyst for the reaction was chromium oxide 3.
This reaction produces nitrogen oxide  and  water.

For the next reaction let’s take a metal cup  and  pour there a small amount of chromium oxide.

Place a piece of cotton wool soaked in ethyl alcohol onto the cup . Then, ignite the cotton. Now quickly sprinkle the cotton wool with chromium oxide.

During this reaction, chromium oxide catalyzes the oxidation of ethanol to acetaldehyde.
By the way, the smell of acetaldehyde is very much like a quick-drying super glue. Facebook:



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HerobrineSLAYER says:

you sound gay! i hope you die ina volcano stupid man!

Nurullah Yigit says:

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PC room says:

that vulcano can make cancer thats why it is illegel to meke in schools (in slovakia)

buzz magister says:

You make we want to go back and take a chemistry course and I left school over 40 years ago 🙂 Thanks for making chemistry fun .

Ashok Gupta says:


Antonio Leon says:

When i vape i use nichrome wire for building my coils, that coil then heats up liquid and turns it in to vapor for me to inhale

After a couple of days there is a residue in the coil that i think could be chromium oxide

My question is: if that residue is actually chromium oxide, does it evaporate for me to enhale? Or is it too heavy and never flies off with the vapor? (Vaping temperature is around 250 °C – 300 °C)

antigen4 says:

oh great – yes! i used to use this dichromate when i was a kid for a science class showing the anatomy of a volcano – and this was the final demonstration of the 'working' volcano

Quân Trịnh says:

Anyone know how to make potassium dichromate ?

Stu Wilkes says:

Thanks for doing these experiments so that I don’t have to!

cthulhu mons says:

Borat science!

Imi Rostás says:

May I have a question?

Where did the chromium go after you put the chromium-oxide in the jar? I mean NH3 removed the O from the Cr2O3. The oxygen then formed NO with the N of the NH3 and water with the hydrogen of the ammónia. What happened to the chromium?

Chí Thiện Nguyễn Lê says:

Like pouring volcano at 1:20

Aria says:

I don't understand but this is awesome.

Arun Kumar says:

I tried it freaked me up

josé cifuentes says:

Antes veía estos videos para entretenerme sin entender una mierda, but ahora q estoy estudiando quimica inustrial todo tiene sentido :,D

Diệu Đàm says:

như núi lửa phun trào

Mobile Cyclop says:

This voice of Russian accent XD

Antônio Marcos says:

Quase 1M de visualizações e somente 9K6 de Likes. Muito triste.

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