Chemistry careers – A day in the work life of a chemist

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A day in the work life of a chemist, Hilary Corkran. Follow Hilary Corkran’s inspirational career journey  and  find out where  science   and   chemistry  can take you. Visit science / science /chemist/ for  more  information

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Cunts Fucked says:

If your American i bet you think she sounds retarded with some of the words she uses it’s just a New Zealander accent

Felixkeeg says:

Being a scale-up chemist is my dream job. Once you see a gigantic reactor, you instantly fall in love with this profession

Rohit Shekhawati says:

What is cph4

Jack Sparrow says:

Turn weed into a sleeping pill.

*leaf 2016* says:

How much do you earn?

HackanHacker says:

Chemistry !!!!

Albino Deathclaw says:

I want to be a scientist I'm 8

Michael Eyeson says:

I am currently a chemistry student in Ghana at KNUST I like the video

Arman hassan says:

hi i m kamil hassan have done Bs in analytical chemistry. unfortunately i didn,t completed my Phd in chemistry.because there is wast difference between my field and my supervisor expertise. she took research topic on metabolomic profiling of medicinal plants means crude sample analze directly by NMR techniques without utilization of other spectroscopic techniques.
But know i need job in an organization where i utilize my technical skills.
kindly contact me.

Manish Rawat says:

Bhuttt accha smjaya mam aapne

MA Rasheed says:

MA Rasheed says:

i have completed msc organic chemistry iam doing job as chemist on hplc,gc am intrest to do job in abroad please how can get visa please reply me on this no 9502828823

sana zahra says:

i love chemistry. and i want to be a chemist.

Tumelo Kgoe says:

I am currently a chemistry honours student, and the path you took is the exact path I want to take. I am glad a successful person used the road I want to use and for posting this video, I thank you.

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