Chemistry Careers | What You Can Do With Your Chem Degree

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This video will focus on the many  chemistry  careers you can pursue as a  chemistry  major. Many students enter the  chemistry  major, but often don’t know what they can do with a  chemistry  major.

This video will cover the schooling required for your career as a chemist, who should consider graduate school, how to prepare for landing your first job,  and  the many sectors of  chemistry  you can work in.


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Batainashe Gumbura says:

great ….. it helps us as students aspiring to be great pple in lyf

Sourav Ghosh says:

My small brother want to be a CHEMIST

Zoya says:

what can I do with only maths and chemistry?

Faguette Nicholas says:

I graduated in chemistry and can't find shit. Do yourself a favor. Study engineering. You will struggle in science both financially, mentally and physically, and it doesn't pay off.

Kinixys3 says:

Lab tech is a dead end job that should not require a college degree past an AS. I am painfully aware companies are now taking college grads as technicians and paying them like HS/AS level workers or garbage man. It is just a symptom of the severely unhealthy labor market for chemists.

aakash rabari says:

I am Indian .I am search job in us and UK in chemistry like anylitical ,pharmaceutical chemistry .how i applied in us and UK .I am students in chemistry

Adam Davidson says:

Great video!

Lone Wolf says:

I find it very misleading to list Chemical Engineer, Pharmacologist, Medical and Clinical Lab Technician under Jobs and Careers for a Chemistry Major. Chemical Engineer is its own major along with pharmacologist and possibly more on that list requiring specialized form of education. For example, Medical and Clinical Lab Technician are usually under the Microbiology major. If you are not in that major it will require a lot more work which I find amusing that this channel is called "MajorPrep". Tips to Landing a Job should have been name Tips to Landing a Chemistry Job but from what I have heard from professors in this discipline it all comes down to the prestige of your school and if you have the experience they are looking for. So good luck to all those choosing this as a major because there are better ways to utilize your time in school.

Lone Wolf says:

From what my friends tell me about finding a job in Chemistry it isn't great – Low pay, no benefits, and the list goes on. Some suggest graduate school as a solution and others PhD but look up "CHEM PhD and UNEMPLOYED – Chemjobber". I just find the whole field a bit of a mess when the people who accredits your degree has a YouTube video titled "Chemists React to Worst Unemployment Data in 40 Years" and other websites speculating "US might be creating almost 10 times more chemists than it has jobs for".


Can you make a video of Agricultural engineering in depth? I want to know if its the right major for me. Regardless of whether or not you can, great videos! I've learned a lot. 🙂

Mikecool51$ says:

Lets be honest here if you get a degree in chemistry and don't go to grad school your going to be a teacher.

Kevin says:

Please do Physics or maths vs Computer engineering

Nata Kukic says:

Great video! Can you do one about note taking for science students?

SockNibba says:

You forgot meth cook.

Ryan says:

physics master race where u at?

Owen Agitza says:

Nice video! Can you please do a video about food science and technology major?

René Basáñez Cordoba says:

Please do a Physics vs Physics Engineering, I need to know everything before deciding

Taivanbat Ariunbold says:

you need lot more views!

Pablo astoreca says:

compare Physics and chemistry please

Calculasians says:

Why does this channel start growing right after I already got into college…

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