Chemistry for Dummies: Chemical Bonds

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Hosts Ian Lepo  and  David Oles discuss the three types of Chemical Bonds in this first episode of Chemistry for Dummies. They explain ionic, covalent  and  mettalic bonds. This is a great way to review for an exam or learn material which your teacher did not teach well!

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Frank Willis says:

Thanks for the video, but yall talking ionic and covalent bonds brings me back to the hell of high school chemestry. You gotta explain this like you talking to a baby.

oyngopogo says:

Can't hear you!!!!!!!

Well That's Dumb says:

Could not hear u guys!

Magdalena Czarnul says:

this music distracts me all the time… it is too loud.

Mirza Firnanda says:

Please dont underestimate your teacher.

CRUTGERBfilms says:

Hey! You're not a doctor! Your're just a phony!

The Xiao of Bao says:

Nice vid, though the sound is little too low. Helped me study for my chemistry test

Renae Kimberley says:

You guys needed to talk a little louder, or have the music lower. Other than that, great video guys! Helped me out to understand Chemical Bonds a little better! Will definitely be watching more of your videos!

SoniaNandin says:

redbull ftw

holly powell says:

i had 2 listen 2 this like 6 times 2 get it

Moe Khan says:

dude i cant understand wth you guys are mummering

SATyler2011 says:

Music is way too loud, good effort and a great idea but needs work I cant undertand the second guy ummm "Dr. Oles" lol

Claudia Robinson says:

@nemci7v as are you.

Spacehorse99 says:

Maybe because you sleep through class and watch youtube videos the night before a test.

rae brannum says:

let's get exicted at least a tid bit!!!

Genyu Gang says:

I really needed this thanx guys keep it up

Tori Sommerville says:

thnks for the help. my teacher sucks at his job. 🙂

TheOlivoFamily says:

CHEER UP! I'm already depressed about Chemistry! wahhhhhhhhhhhh

nmsi7 says:

this is shit

AB pozitive says:

This might be informative if I could actually here everything you guys were saying. Nice thought tho

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