Chemistry For Dummies (Flash Animation)

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Learn about classroom lab safety the fun way in this (only) episode of Chemistry for Dummies.

Before anyone else asks: It took about … 10 hours to make?

Edit: 9/1/16
I got my degree  and  I’m at Google now. My, how time flies!
Glad to see people are still finding my video useful!

Edit: 8/30/13
WOW, guys. I’m ecstatic that people still find this video useful  and  fun after such a long time since I made it as a project when I was in Chemistry!
In case y’all wanted to know, I’m currently working on a BS in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. And yes, college is pretty awesome. Keep working at it, guys!


Jo Ayala says:

Awesome, love it!!!

gabrielh161 my gameplays are kinda cool says:

We laughed so hard in class today

SH IN says:

What a useful video for students to know the safety rules!

Squall Strife says:

Do you play final fantasy.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Rocketstar Productions Inc. says:

I havenโ€™t seen this in a long time, but itโ€™s still so funny!

Kai Johnoson says:

Nice video. it had all the basic concepts which is quite good for โ€˜ dummies โ€˜ who know nothing about chemistry
The thing is a lot of this stuff is for young kids and the adults with ( you know what I mean) so i was thinking so you could add a bit more information is very complex and might be better for others cause dummies can be a range in by who are dummies. Please write what each bit is cause you started with the โ€˜ get your goggles on โ€˜ bit. I thought it was going to go straight through. No just steps for the ( you know who i mean) people>

Thundergaber says:

This vid was made 8 yrs ago XD

Jickapow Gaming says:

my teacher used this too. love it when i first saw it xD

Jickapow Gaming says:

sooo funny XD (it's also has good tips)

jona vanginkel says:

Is anyone here from Edward Harris ms to?

Cheeto_Dust the garbage fire says:

watched this two days ago in science class

Team Zoella says:

I saw this at school today and the willhem scream made everyone laugh

Rosehill says:

We watched in the high school realy good video !

Shivani Singh says:

it is too odd.. lol..

Rickch2 gaming says:

I seen this in school

Lyla Schmidtke says:

this is soo funny

Ms BFu says:

I use this in my ESL class–the Korean students totally get the game references and enjoy the animation. Greetings from South Korea!

Awesome Guy says:

Question: If you were gonna use the Final Fantasy VIII Battle Theme during that sequence, why didn't you use the Final Fantasy VIII Victory Frame?

Ariel Ramdass says:

Saw this in Chem class once, it was hilarious. =D …….. I need some Remembercin. ย X'D

wew says:

I remember my chemistry teacher playing this as a safety video, everyone in the class was like "WTF" xD I freakin loved it

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