Chemistry Lesson: Chemical Formulas

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Close chemistry -fast/ This lesson shows how to interpret the elemental symbols, subscripts,  and  parentheses in a chemical formula.


Venom Zazi says:

Nacl Salt Solution


This sucks. kil me already, my eys r burning.

Naginder Singh says:

thank uu so much

Leslie Corrin says:

This was the most helpful out of all the videos I have seen. you explain step by step which was what I needed. Thanks. Liked and Subscribed.

Kole H says:

I know this video is from 2013 yet can someone confirm that my textbook made a typo in the number of atoms in Nitroglycerin? It states that there are 3 carbon, 5 hydrogens, 1 nitrogen, 3 oxygen in 4C3H5(NO3)3. According to the formula doesn't this mean there are 3 carbon atoms, 5 hydrogen atoms, *3 nitrogen atoms*, and *9 oxygen atoms*???


very helpful.

Peter's Gaming says:

I don't get why people are so thankful that's just simple maths and u didn't even do a chemical equation

Aaron Sam Shiju says:

😄😄Dude thanks for the explanation. It was really helpful. Keep up the good work.😄😄

Jasmine Fortune says:

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Lola Nelson says:

Very helpful thanks!

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very like it

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Opal-June Betton says:

hydrogen peroxide?

Kobee Lacey- Rameka says:

Great video!

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Thanks a lot!

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very succinct

Riley Strait says:

Thank you so much.this helped me understand a lot more!

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Very helpful thanks

Dani Adams says:

Exactly what I needed thank you for explain it so well and precise

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