Chemists React to Worst Unemployment Data in 40 Years

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More at New unemployment numbers for chemists released by the American Chemical Society in March 2012 are the worst in 40 years, with new graduates  and  postdocs hit hardest. At the ACS National Meeting in San Diego, young chemists respond to the news.


Chronic Shamanic says:

Hey maybe its because the system has cucked all the chemists with the drug war stigma destroying any and all young interest in the world of chemistry with dry, boring, and dead public school science education

"They" don't want more chemists

Chunky Monkey says:

You want to know what worse is?

salehesam101 says:

Chemists! Please take no more than 60 seconds to fill out this survey! Thank you!

JunJun 0231 says:

I am graduating this May 2018 with my B.S. in Chemistry. I just landed a job with an expanding Biotechnology Start-Up company. I have probably applied to over 400 positions as of January 2018. I have landed 3 phone calls, 2 interviews and 1 job offer that I am gladly accepting. I have been working as a Chemistry lab tech for my university for 2 years, and I am also an undergraduate researcher in a Biochemistry lab. Prior to working in academia I worked as a research technician for a pharmaceutical company where I was pretty much abused as a worker and failed half of my classes. I quit that job to go work for my university for nearly half the pay. Bottom line the job market is tough. I am one of the lucky ones with a job lined up upon graduation that is in my field that I went to college for. Good luck guys. Stay enthusiastic.

cz productions says:

This scares me ūüė®

Bad Dog says:

Jesus christ I think i'm just gona throw my books in the fucking trash and go flip burgers.

Willie Dixon says:

My wife Nancy Jinks is a Chemist and LOOKING HARD to find a job.  We should have taken that one in Jacksonville Florida working for the Navy, or the one working for the FBI. hindsight, right?

max says:

It's hard for me to believe that chemistry isn't a good field to go into. I see all of my friends looking for a degree in psychology, some art, or a basic environmental degree (there are good opportunities in environmental, but you have to know what you're looking for, just "liking the outdoors" isn't near enough to land you a well-paying job); all of these don't seem to look very successful in the job market. Chimistry, unlike many of the more general degrees, such as business, can get you a ticket into the chemistry ballpark; you can't be a chemist without one. other degrees however, such as business, I feel aren't so cut-and-dry in getting you a marked advantage over those who don't have a degree. materials science? it's a job market with 22,000 workers. practically everything you touch today had something to do with material science, and that's just one sector. I see engineering as a real job, unlike what most people seem to be studying in school. Maybe it's just wishful thinking though.

Lemurai says:

Ahhh quit your belly aching! This is when you have to use your imagination, the possibilities are endless in applied science. You have to be willing to go outside of the proverbial "bubble". Quit trying to fit into the bullshit blueprint of societal norms. career, home ownership/car, family. A chemist with an entrepreneurial spirit can make miracles of their own, ever heard of micro brewing? Bio fuels processing, starting a still, geo chemist, supplement manufacturing. A lot of you guys really aren't thinking or willing to try. I hate that. When the going got tough I left the country and went abroad, now I do work in Thailand and Malaysia on bio fuel processing from coconut oil and well as product development. BE willing to travel, It pains me to see so many young minds who appear smart based on book knowledge but have absolutely NO common sense or imagination, life isn't always R&D and working for DuPont, General Electric, or DARPA there are firms world wide looking for young and ambitious upstarts but AMBITION is the key word and like most of the grads these days, many have absolutely none. I'll never understand how some people could waste 4 years of their life studying, but be so damned lazy at the end of the day. I served in the military on top of going to school for Chem E and I got shitted on daily by my supervision and commanding officers but I still persevered and did well when I separated. WHY? because I took the initiative to look elsewhere other than around the corner and down the street. These students don't look very motivated, I wouldn't hire them either based on how nonchalant they seem and contentment to complain. I think anybody can do well with just a chemistry degree, if they stop selling themselves short to these large corporations. You could work big pharma in India or in  small country like Singapore, places that need ingenuous minds. Just stop the BS please!  

ErwinSchrodinger64 says:

R&D only thrives in robust economies. Our economy has been stagnant for the last 6 years and will continue to do so. Ph.D level jobs in science(chemistry & physics) in the private sector are miniscule and the competition is fierce. New and novice Ph.D's are having to compete with Ph.D's with LOTS of experience who have recently become unemployed because of a dwindling job market. Colleges and universities are graduating too many Ph.D's and it's adding gasoline to the fire.Forget academics, unless you're the brightest or are doing cutting edge research the competition is unbelievable competitive. Currently, I don't advise for anyone to pursue a graduate program (unless it's free and a nice stipend and you have no other options).

muppet of love says:

They should ban together and make a breaking bad reality show

Unleashed90876 says:

Major in chemical engineering or any other engineering discipline, and you are guaranteed to get a job.

Kinixys3 says:

No one in my family will ever major in science again!

Kinixys3 says:

Most of the Chimests I graduated with either left the field completely or settled for teaching. The only thing waiting for science grad in the USA is unemployment of horrible dead-end temp jobs for $15 an hour.

PrairieFrost says:

Ain't that the truth

Maccastreisfan says:

Let me guess China and India are graduating thousands of chemists and they are willing to work for nothing.

Henry M says:

i guess a chemist blew out his right ear

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