Conjugate Acid Base Pairs, Arrhenius, Bronsted Lowry and Lewis Definition – Chemistry

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This  chemistry  video tutorial explains the concept of acids  and  bases using the arrhenius definition, bronsted – lowry  and  lewis acid base definition. It also shows you how to identify conjugate acid base pairs. This video contains plenty of examples  and  practice problems.

List of topics:
1. Arrhenius Acid Base Definition
2. Acids release Hydrogen ions (H+) or Hydronium Ions in Solution
3. Bases release Hydroxide Ions (OH-) in solution.
4. Bronsted Lowry Acid Base Definition
5. Bronsted Lowry Acids are proton donors  and  Bronsted Lowry bases are proton acceptors
6. Acid base reactions with water
7. How to identify the bronsted lowry acid  and  base in a chemical reaction – Examples: NH3, HF, HCl, HCO3-
8. How to identify the conjugate acid  and  conjugate base pairs in a reaction
9. Lewis Acid Base Definition
10. Lewis Acids are electron pair acceptors
11. Lewis Bases are electron pair donors
12. Nucleophile vs Electrophile


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Andrew Abdelsayed says:

Can you explain what is the difference between acids that end with "-ic" and same acids but end in "-te"??
For ex when we say butyrate and when we say butyric acid??

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are H2O and NaOH a conjugate pair?

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How do we know that Na will ajve positive charge and OH will ahve negative ❓

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Great explanation. I was always confused about whether acids can be both BL or Arrhenius- this is the first video I've seen confirming this. THANK YOU.

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