Cringeworthy Chemistry Jokes

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This week Reactions is coming at you with some  chemistry  jokes. Chuckle along to these funny  science  puns.

April Fool’s Day is here, so here are a bunch of  chemistry  jokes to celebrate. Enough said.

Video Directed by Kirk Zamieroski
Series created by Adam Dylewski
Produced by the American Chemical Society


Sharadamani GK says:

How to go up to a girl :
I wish your name was Avogadro..
Cuz then I would already know your number.!

AkaShiro says:

I made some chemistry jokes

But there was no reaction..

Alexandria Nykyi-bish says:

I have a joke

Where does bad light end up?

In prism

What do u to a sick chemist?

Well if u can't helium and u can't curium u might as well barium

htm&gaming 103 says:



btw fuck is

Ethan Otten says:

sorry all the best jokes… argon

Jude Mark says:

Actually really funny

Funtimeboy 100 says:

1.hey ni c h o la s give me water nicholas says na
2.lead me to da way what
4.bro mines |:/
5.what does chromium added rocodile to the word cr crocod

Mina Maslicic Kocan says:

Two chemists walk into a cafe, first one says I’ll take some H2O the second says I’ll take some H2O too. The second chemist dies.

Gleny Alexander says:

two men when for lunch one told the water can i have some h2o and the other person said can i have some h2o2 the next day he died

Mr.Magikarp64 Butts says:

Every kiss begins with potassium

G Perm says:

I forgot how to mix salt and water, but I eventually found the solution

mesoth says:

Ionic bond = capitalism
Covalent bond = communism

Ben O'Donnell says:

private school more like private fool

TheBoltMaster says:

Why did Tungsten's name change to sten? Cause Ca(calcium) stole his T and became a Cat and stole the rest of his tung

TheBoltMaster says:

A dude beside me told me: look up! It's a bunch of UFOs!
I told him: i C(carbon) N(nitrogen)O(oxygen)N(nitrogen)

TheBoltMaster says:

Xe N O N

Heidi Squirrel says:

What goes moo?
A Calcium oxide (CaO)

Fateless Destiny says:


Vampire king Darkness says:

I thought potassium and Oxygen would have AMAZING chemistry together, turns out, it's just OK

James Sinks says:

You should take all these chemistry jokes and ……BARIUM

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