Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 4 (Chemistry – Period)

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Chemistry – Period [Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST, OP 4]

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Caden Bass says:

Not gonna lie, this is probably the greatest AMV ever made.

Brennan Brock says:

Why is the animation for this YT vid different than to original animation for the opening?!?!

Pontifex Maximus says:

2:55 made my heart jump in excitement. It's my fav part of the song and it fits so perfectly together with the movement of the hands

iDermyy says:

Old but GOLD! ❤️👌

Micheal McD says:

I so desperately wish this version was available on iTunes or something.

mazanakaUA says:

Almost 13 mil views in 5 years.Wonder how did that happen?

Night In Time says:

When pones la miniatura del opening 3, but el vídeo es del opening 4 :v

luckyman212 says:

I'll never be able to get the feeling I got when I first watched this series again, It truly is a masterpiece and will probably stand over all else for years to come.

Veronica Larrazabal says:

2:50 gives me chills

John Cena says:

Full piano cover of Period!! https://youtu.be/GHjmlOIww8w

ismail naveed says:

my first anime I ever see and I like it very much

The Invisible Gentleman says:

Ooooh, watching this gives me chills.

God of the new world says:


Tian Senpai says:

The nostalgic feeling back then on 2009. A masterpiece opening for a Masterpiece anime !

Holly loko says:

Still brings tears to my eyes.

Tasnim Rahman says:

This anime surpasses time. Amazing.

Edward Malicioso says:

Karaaaaioooooo volumeeeee máximo nessa pouurraaaaa

héctor de la fuente garcía says:

FULL METAL ALCHEMIST IN A NUTSHELL: Equivalent exchange…and the tale of two brothers seeking to restore their bodies
Okay, Al's body, and the limbs that Ed lost

jordan reyes says:

Sin duda el mejor opening

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