GCSE Science Chemistry (9-1) Development of the Periodic Table

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This video is for the new GCSE specifications (levels 1-9) for all exam boards. In this video, we look at how the modern day periodic table was developed by Dmitry Mendeleev. We also explore two differences between the current periodic table  and  the one developed by Mendeleev.

Image credits:

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By Carl August Schwerdgeburth, 1785-1878 (engraver),  and  Fritz Ries, 1826-1857 (painter) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons”

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Do your videos apply to the AQA exam board

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my science teacher recommended this channel to help with our chemistry GCSE's

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Thank u i got a grade 9 and A+ in year 9

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Thank you very much for explicit information! The only thing I struggle understanding is why wasn’t Newland’s Octaves method not taken seriously? What was wrong in his method?

Thank you!

Arif Mammadov says:

Thank you very much for good explanation, but the only thing that I struggle understanding is why weren't Newland's Octaves taken seriously?

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Also, the specification says 'atomic weights' instead of 'atomic mass', is there a particular difference? (pg. 69)

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Do you need to know the other scientists other than Mendeleev?

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Out of interest, when your given the Periodic Table, are the names of the elements written out in full just as seen in the video?

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