How Can An Amazing Introductory Chemistry Textbook be FREE?

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Why have over 2000 faculty rejected traditional textbooks to embrace free  and  open college texts in the past 18 months?

Can free texts also be great texts? Can great texts be free?

And can emerging new textbook models actually improve education outcomes  and  enhance innovation while reducing average costs by 80% or  more ?

Join David Ball, professor at Cleveland State University  and  author of Introductory Chemistry,  and  Sharon Koch, Marketing Director at Flat World Knowledge to discuss the current state of the textbook market, how we got here,  and  the solution Flat World provides with its openly licensed textbooks.

There is a quick 15-minute overview of the publishing market  and  the Flat World Knowledge solution. David Ball will provide information on his new Chemistry textbooks,  and  share his experience with teaching Chemistry for following 10-15 minutes.

Finally, the group openly discusses teaching  and  learning with open textbooks,  and  answers any questions that may come up during the course of the presentation.


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