How to Balance a Chemical Equation EASY

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In this video we will learn how to balance chemical equations.

This is the QUICKEST  and  EASIEST method!
1. Balance the Medals
2. Balance the Nonmetals (except H  and  O)
3. Balance hydrogen then oxygen


E A says:

This better be like 4 marks in the exam because that's long I stg.

Leaubo says:

Beautiful !

mary jullianne says:


Sam my says:


Teeranop Kingputtapong says:

Thank you very much, your teaching is very easy to understand

Amon Playz says:

Chemistry test in 5 minutes 😬

Kieley Hannah says:

thx this saved me

Eleanor Schanck says:

i the first equasion all i noticed was K2so.


Thank-you for such a good explanation

priyanka singh says:

After writing 2 before k….then oxygen will be I guess 15….n…?

Cory Lynn says:

Why do they have to balance? I mean, what is the purpose?
And what if the Oxygen and Hydrogen can’t balance? Did you just experiment until it works and what if it can’t? Is that possible?

Khalid78601 says:

Perfectly balanced , as everything should be!!

Mateo Arduini says:


Kiera LeBlanc says:

have a test tomorrow and needed to study. This really helped thanks!!

Ayaan Khan says:

Thank you so much

Bashir El-Orm says:

Thank you so much

Eltan says:

2:28 Why didnt school teach me those steps

Clownblaster says:

thanks this really helped me out

Devon Hansen says:

Chem final in 25 min. Quick brush up. Thanks for spreadin the knowledge.

EpicMobCaster Gaming says:

Thanks! I fell asleep in class and didnt get this down

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