How To Calculate The Effective Nuclear Charge of an Electron

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This  chemistry  video tutorial explains how to calculate the effective nuclear charge of an electron using the atomic number  and  the number inner shell electrons or core electrons.


Kazuyoshi Tanimoto says:

Owh shoot! Your recent videos is about central tendency and St. Deviation, which I was learning right now in my junior high class. Im gonna watch it all!

Kazuyoshi Tanimoto says:

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Just visiting your channel again for a long time, thank god you're still Healthy!

(You helped me pass my assesment btw, when I was a 9th grade)

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Just wanted to say thank you for all of the great effort and for your time to make these videos to help students learn confusing or challenging topics. People like you or Sal khan from khan academy really deserve getting paid because of enormous amount of effort and taking time out of your day to make these videos.
Thanks man!

Shy says:

What program are you using to do all the drawings?

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you deserve more subs your put so much time into your channel for educating people but lack subs

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u have amazing voice

Sarah Lolo says:

Do you have any introductory videos on complex numbers and euler formula?? Please help !

Chibueze Edurumaraihe says:

Thanks so much for this..
Please can you do a video of calculating the degree of dissociation from abnormal molar mass

Mobeen Shaik says:

Where we can apply this?

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rishabh trivedi says:

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