How to Memorize The Polyatomic Ions, Formulas, Charges, Naming, Chemistry

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This  chemistry  video tutorial explains how to memorize the polyatomic ions. It provides the name of the common polyatomic ions, the charges  and  their respective formulas as well. Common polyatomic ions include sulfate, nitrate, acetate, ammonium, hydroxide, sulfite, cyanide, phosphate, disulfide, bicarbonate, hydrogen sulfate, bisulfite, chromate, dichromate, pyrophosphate, permanganate, thiosulfate, peroxide, superoxide, oxalate, borate, iodate, perchlorate, hypochlorite, bromite,  and  nitrite just to name a few. This video contains plenty of examples  and  practice problems including a quiz that tests you to see if you remember the common polyatomic ions.


Aayaan Sood says:

it finally makes sense..thank you!

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This is soo helpful to me.Thank u very much

Pradeep Kumar Singh says:

I learn all in 5 daya

v pal says:

When using "Per" is it still the same as using "Hyper" I've seen people use both, such as Hyper Chlorate?

Abhishek Yadav says:

This is hilariously awesome

Elgark 1 says:

Being able to answer his questions make me feel so much better about myself

Mary Katherine O. says:

this human is a queen he has saved my chem grade so many times its insane i love him

Aleksandra Rubini says:

Wow , you are such wonderful teacher….. finally it became easy for me THANKS

CH Vidya says:

Bro you're the best

Elvis Kamwi says:

why is it that you are using "Sulfate" instead of "Sulphate"?

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I didn't even know that b4 I just used to it thank for new things

Harshita Thakur says:

Thank you tutor

Katie Rezac says:

Omg life SAVER

Reem Suju says:

man you are the best
i love your voice

Nevermisschris777 says:

Test in 1 hour. Wish me luck

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I’m not trying to fail chem at the beginning of the semester, bless you😩β™₯️

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Thakyou very mush

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