Is a Chemistry Major Worth It?

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C Cameron Catalina says:

Could you address specialized chemistry related fields at some point? Eg neuroscience, biophysics or biochemistry, at the undergrad stage? Better to go core science then work toward specialty later/PhD or medical field of interest?

IronTeddyBear says:

As a BS and PhD chemistry graduate (from top 20 universities), I can vouch that what he says is correct. Even with research publications in major journals, I found it exceedingly difficult to find a job in the field, and when I did find one it paid crap. I left my chemistry career to do software development, where change is much faster, the challenges are at least as intense, and the pay is a whole lot better. I'll never get back the opportunity cost I spent for 13 years as a low-paid academic chemistry researcher.

MisterTutor2010 says:

I remember watching Breaking Bad when I was a chemistry PhD student at UConn.

Patrick L. Wright says:

Also, there are some community colleges that offer (AAS, AS and Certificate) in chemical lab technology, biotechnology, and biological sciences for 2 years or less. You can get ahead start in your career to work and already have experience for your additional 2 years along with your AA at a 4 year college. That company you work for might give you money or scholarship to finish up your degree.

Megan Tholin says:

I'm working on my degree in Chem so I can get into Forensics
And I hate my life.

DarkThor 00 says:

Hello, I'm the teen who first requested that you make this video. Thank you so much for coming around to it. I really really enjoy chemistry and I really would like to direct it and modify my study to be suitable to work in forensic sciences, and if that doesn't work and/or I find I don't want to go the forensic route, I've thought about going to med school. Any advice on that kind of route? I really love science and chemistry gives me the challenge and fun that I desire, and I want to make something more than just a lab-rat-doing-thermochemistry calculations kind of job out of it.

Cameron Alexander says:

Is getting a second degree (arts vs science) worth it?

Angelique Latham says:

Did you know that you can work for a lot of hair and makeup companies and create products? You can also go into Dermatology as well.

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