Is Chemistry a Good Major?

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Is a Chemistry degree worth it? What can I do with degree in Chemistry? Are there jobs in Chemistry?
There are certain areas where large  chemistry  companies are that have good  chemistry  jobs This video is meant to cover the entire country of the USA

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Cassie Jury says:

I was a analytical chemist for a pharma company and made 60K. I left to have a child I enjoyed every minute of it

luke rockhold , i chocked out bisping says:

or if u suck so u cant get a phd

luke rockhold , i chocked out bisping says:

this video is only true if u dont even like chemistry

Marl Kalone says:

Do chemical engineering! Best of both worlds (chemistry and engineering). Starting salary for bachelor's in chem eng is around 70K.

On the other hand, a freaking PhD in chemistry starts at around 63K in the US. Do chemical engineering, you'll thank me later.

Cortez says:

Its a damn good major. Theres just a bunch of fuck tards in the way who think they know chemistry like engineers and biology students. Then you have the business school people who think that they're running the show when actually if there's no chemist on staff, the whole operation is shit and/or the laboratory data is skewed because you have some nimwit who didn't do well in math or chemical research in there trying to do something that affects everyone's lives… Then you have recruiters. You know, the high school drop out who managed to lie their way into Aerotek and doesn't know shit either… Honestly, it's time for all chemists to leave the companies and let them burn to the ground… There's no room for politics in science. There's fucking estrogen in the water. Does everyone want titties? Ok, then do right by chemists you idiots.

Huong Le says:

that was rough… rethinking my life…

sujay janardhanan says:

I'm a chemistry graduate how can i become greatest chemist

Willy_96 says:

You are not looking chemistry the way it truly is. For example, people who study chemistry have the opportunity to work in fields such as: nanomedicine, material science, drug design, computational and theoretical chemistry, analytical chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, industrial chemistry and sooo much more.
Of course, money leads the world but that doesn't mean that people have to follow the system like monkeys, that's not the way revolutions are made and maybe if people thought in that way the world would be greatly different.

Still, thank you for giving your opinion. Greetings from Spain!.

1234qwer says:

you missed the most obvious one: becoming a researcher in a private company or in a university

I studied chemistry and I dont want to be a researcher, I will get a masters in product management. Chemistry & Biochemistry degrees can be very helpful in the industry in certain positions like product or project management, EHS, quality control, R&D , etc

Some DUde says:

LOLOL this niggah never heard of research

Kyn Chan says:

It is not a good degree unless you are absolutely the very best at it.

The competition is fierce and the jobs move to places where labour is cheap.

It was probably an excellent degree in the 1960's in the UK. But a fairly terrible one, for most people, post 2000.

Look forward to generally low wages, unstable contract work, monotonous work and plenty of retraining to get into alternate fields like process engineering, general engineering or accountancy.

However, if you are one of the finest chemists in the world who can easily compete with the million plus chemists in India and China, work harder than them, love chemistry more than life and your family chemistry is for you. You have landed the jackpot and will be in demand.

Simply get the degree, work in chemistry related fields part time, continue with the PhD, post doc and keep blasting those hours out for multiple decades, move to each opportunity even overseas and you may just about make a name for yourself.

A͓̽. L͓̽. I͓̽. C͓̽. E͓̽ says:

Well fuck u I’m interested in chemistry and I’m not gonna listen to you’re bullshit

Zachy Dellago says:

You should major in chemistry if you want to do research or teach it. Otherwise, major in something that you enjoy. It's important to note that you can always just take general chemistry and organic chemistry on the side if you are interested in possibly going to medical school. A lot of students think they need to major in something like chemistry to get into medical school. Most fail to realize that medical schools will accept any major, they just require that you have taken certain science courses which are all at the introductory level. There actually aren't many jobs that "require" a chemistry degree, most only require that you have a certain number of units in specific science courses without necessarily having earned a degree in a science major.

Jake B says:

I agree with you on some points. Yes chemistry is not meant for everyone. I was one of those people. I was attending Uni and noticed I was struggling on problems that everyone else around me seemed to have no issue with. I was scoring low 50's and 60's on exams and 60's and 70's on quizes. After taking about 6 months off from school I decided to change majors into Cyber threat intelligence. And let me tell you, I am thriving. I love it. I am now the person who I envied in chemistry class. As I see others around me struggling I am thriving and have a 3.94 GPA when the average is somewhere around 2.5. My message is find what you love, and that you are good at. I choose chemistry because I was decent at it in high school, but had no real passion for it. That lack of passion was my downfall. So if chemistry is what you are good at and you truly love it then go ahead and don't let anyone stop you. However, if there is anybody reading this who is in a similar situation to what I was in 2 years ago then I implore you to take a step back and take what this man has said into consideration.

TheJbuser says:

You must not have been very good at chemistry…. maybe you should talk to a few more people before making generalizations… for all of you people who agree with this idiot…. go get another career, chemistry doesn’t need you.

Robert B says:

If chemistry isn't good then,why so many Asian people becoming chemist? It all depends on what state you live in, most states up north pay higher.

BigBadFadedDaddy says:

You are correct bro. Thank you for this. I almost went to college for chemistry and realized the BS behind it.

tahyari morris says:

I'm currently in highschool now and was listing some of the schools and majors I should take when I get in college, this video was very helpful concerning these things. Thank you for this brutally honest video

Danna Louisse says:

No major is a bad one!

Cameron says:

wow I wholeheartedly disagree with this.

After graduating with a degree in chemistry I was able to find a job as a research associate (not a technician or an Analyst). It definitly took time but I my first job experience was the opposite of what you described. My job was in a biotech startup so of course the company wanted to profit (what the hell company doesnt want to profit. thats capitalism boiiii). While I was there I felt like all of my work allowed me to express my own creativity and I was "doing what I loved" which you seem to be discouraging people from.

If you really want to pursue a career in chemistry dont listen to anything this guy has to say.

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