IUPAC Nomenclature of Alkanes: Part 1

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Are you confused by IUPAC nomenclature? Let Professor Dave help! First I’ll explain what line notation represents,  and  then I’ll introduce the basic rules for naming alkanes.

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Michael Carnahan says:

Professor Dave you are the best man

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Thankyou very much sir and your hair style is nice.

Nimish Sharma says:

look at 4:07 AHHAHAHAHAHAH

Shilpa Kaushal says:

Give lecture upon fundamentals of organic chemistry for BSc first year

Satyanarayana Thummala says:

Thank u sir ,u r an intelligent sir ,I am from andhra ,ur video helped me for 10 th physics thank u so much sir

ajay krishna says:

thanks to you sir i was able continue loving chemistry even in intermediate

Shiv A Joshi says:

sept or hept


I think after doing objective question this is help me lot, are you agree sir

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Before we appreciate the lesson let us appreciate how HOT prof dave is like look at him!!!!

اسيل البزوني says:

I hop that you add arbic transolation for the vidou to make this vidous are useful for arabic people
Love you from arabic countries💐

Ron Ben says:

You're awesome! Thank you!

G.S.G. BIG SPAZZ says:

I’m bamboozled. I’m in intro to chem and my professor is awful. You professor Dave are the ideal professor I wish every college professor can be. You make everything simple and easy to understand.

Shane Michael says:

After studying orgo chem for 2 years now I look back at this video and say to myself, "What a wonderful well explained format you have Pro. Dave" …

Rajeshwar nishad says:

Sir will you please teach hindi language

Raj Kumar says:

please professor upload more organic chemistry basics video

Greeshu Patil says:

Thxxxx Sir u felt me so happy while learning IUPAC nomenclature

GKAC aswath says:

Organic chemistry basic classes daily

Predrag Jovanovic says:

You are geinus!!!.

Louie Lyn Pangan says:

definitely gonna watch ALLLLLL your videos. They are very helpful, thank you!

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