Learn the Basics of the Periodic Table!

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How to read the periodic table, the basic information you need to get started in  chemistry !


lol idk says:

omg i'm dumb, I get this now, thx 🙂


How To Be Smart 101:
1. Watch this video
2. You are done

ArianaDIYS&More says:

Learning about the periodic table is so Boron😓

Thxxx for the help btw!

Cecil Guial says:

I want kiss you 😍😍

Anonymous says:

very helpful for my science project!!!!!!!!!!

Justin Bevis says:

Who came here because you have an exam the next day on this

Perfection266 says:

very neatly cut very nice

moumen helwani says:

That was really HELPFUL.

kriY Games says:

I,m a third grader
i know square root,polyhedrons,cuberoot,algebra and trigonometry
Time for science
Science is boring
Its basics for me

SoulSlayer615 says:

omg 666 likes congrats dude you got the devil to like your video XD

The Spie says:


Lily Plays says:

Thanks! This helped a lot!☺️ I will share this to my classmates!😁

Eissa Abo nuaf says:

very enthusiastic

arno kosterman says:

Howe can you have 6 neutrons en 5 protons?
Is the proton not the mater part en the neutron the entetie?
If there is one there is olway a opersid.
How must I fisualice it?

thesplodger says:

ok….ok….yep…..wait….what…no…ok now im lost…….

Buttons hirt says:

thank you sooooo much … u r really great

AŋımɛơųŞıŧყ Dąıყąmơŋɖơ says:

This is helpful but I can't help but say your handwriting is perfect lol

Jasper82 says:

Good job. You explained that really well.

Jon Folz says:

I was just helping my 12 y/o daughter with her science homework and your video was PERFECT. Thanks for the assist.

Tim Kohut says:

Taught me a lot thanks.

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