Non-Traditional Careers for Science Majors | Dr. Dwight Randle | TEDxMountainViewCollege

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A  science  major may select from an array of career paths. Many of these paths are non traditional  and  less known but intriguing.

Dr. Dwight Randle is professor of Chemistry  and  Biology at Richland College. He taught as a special  chemistry  instructor for the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland while working on a Ph.D. in biochemistry at the University of Maryland.He has served as Science  and  Medicine Advisor for the American Heart Association,  and  as Senior Science Advisor  and  Director of National Research Grants for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. He served on the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Baylor Research Institute which is charged with the regulatory  and  patient protection oversight of clinical research. He has served as a board member on the Dallas Chapter of Sisters Network Inc., breast cancer survivorship organization which advances breast health for women of color. He owns a thriving photography company which specializes in natural landscapes  and  portraiture.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn  more  at


blare sabrina says:

I want to become an Rn then an Orthopedic surgeon.

Michelle Xilotl says:

For real, follow your dreams. I just happen to be meant for science. I love the humanities too. But that’s good; science requires the humanities. Without creativity, science is non-progressive.

chris 000777 says:

I've always wanted to be a scientist that can cure or treat diseases since I love seeing these colorful chemicals being made to make something new such as curing cancer (something like that). However I'm discouraged since most of the science requires a PhD

Rob P says:

Majored in microbiology. I wanted to do Medical field but realized it wasn't my thing. Been working in the lab sector for some years now. I absolutely hate it. I have zero desire to pursue a Master's on any biology. This video really helped, and will very likely rewatch it a more than once.

tania inu says:

Wow. Amazing

Mmm Mmm says:

Science Mike Tyson

Sinnerxxs4385 says:


Julio B. Figueroa says:

To be fair, a rock is an ocean of minerals.

Lyndley Hillebrand says:

This guyy is talking my language πŸ‘πŸ»

T Mc says:


Shakeel Ahmed says:

Just i will say God bless you, YOU ARE WONDER FULL,

tokeup gaming says:

Did I just see a bartender school commercial on a science based episode lol

ace ativan says:

Not good grades in mathematics still i want to be a computer Scientist

ace ativan says:

I want teacher like him thanks

DominoDom says:

I loved this, thank you!

kelly Vences says:

this was so inspirational. Dwight changed my life

Cari says:

i am a nursing major and i really felt so happy about being a registered nurse because i love the medical field and i also love helping people but i got a C in microbiology and feel so discouraged. I love science and i love asking questions for anything. Microbiology is a course that needs a bunch of knowledge like genetics, chemistry, math, human physiology, and i feel that i wasn't strong enough in genetics. i worked so hard and i still end up with a C. Universities want people with 3.5 gpa for nursing major and this course lowered my gpa three points low πŸ™
i want to major in biology and become a genetic counselor probably. as a nurse, i would be a pediatrics RN but now i am not competitive enough with that C in microbiology. due to my limited knowledge in genetics, i started reading about genetics after. and i feel like wanting to be a counselor like genetic and help couples in stuff like this. i am not sure. i need help. i like nursing but that C makes me want to die. :((

Outhmane Rassili says:

Arab/Persian scholars in the islamic golden age used to master several fields. You can usually find scholars who are physicists, astronomists, physicians, poets, writers, mathematicians, chemists

charnae young says:

The shirt is red. Hhhh

David Grigsby says:

'Great Video! So Inspiring! Thank you Dwight.

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