HSC Chemistry 1st Paper Practical-Aluminium ION Test
Specially created for MEDICAL / UNIVERSITY Admission And HSC Final preparation.Admission Preparation – Chemistry-1st Chapter-3 Part-3 Periodic Properties  and  Bonding in Elements is this video topic…. Full Chemistry-1st paper Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx8o41TBeDxfijSwWWy7jUUNBfwuGvWUJ Part 1 : https://youtu.be/railIyxFGwo [More]
Major topics: electromagnetic spectrum, wave calculations, & Wave-Particle Duality Theory
In this video I’ll teach you about “effective nuclear charge,” also called “Z-effective” or “Zeff”. I’ll also show you how to calculate “effective nuclear charge” by introducing you to a few Zeff problems.
A review of some basic math skills needed to succeed in general  chemistry , including scientific notation, algebra, logarithms,  and  proportionalities.
We will be reviewing for the first-semester  chemistry  final.
This  chemistry  video lecture tutorial focuses on thermochemistry. It provides a list of formulas  and  equations that you need to know as well as the appropriate units. It provides a nice review covering topics such [More]
MCAT Test Prep General Chemistry Review Study Guide Part 1 This online video course tutorial focuses on the general  chemistry  section of the mcat. This video provides a lecture filled with notes  and  a sheet [More]