I am showing you my lovely haul from The Chemistry Store that I picked up today!!! Coupon Code : New Website will get you a free clamshell of their new Melt  and  Pour colorant. #thechemistrystore, [More]
Were you shy when your mom sent you to Chemist to buy medicine for Loose motions? Watch the Video to experience some crazy, funny  and  weird moments in a Chemist store. Please subscribe to our [More]
Introduction video on the periodic table being explained to  chemistry  school &  science  students . The video explains how there are 92 naturally occurring elements, one for each kind of atom,  and  how they are [More]
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Science  and  humor go surprisingly well together,  and  scientists love studying it. Here are some funny  science  jokes  and  puns to see if you guys are smart enough to get these nerdy jokes. Stay In [More]
What Organic Chemistry Students Do  and  Say Extra Credit Video
In which Hank tells some seriously nerdy jokes. Harry Potter, theoretical physics, Star Trek, Star Wars, Chemistry, Engineering, Philosophy, Math, Computer Science…it’s all fair game. I chose 31 because I knew I wasn’t going to [More]
How to find a journal article for  chemistry 
Welcome to the first video in my Basics of Chemistry course! This lesson will be about the atom, the Periodic Table of Elements, the atomic number  and  the mass number. Please comment, rate & subscribe! [More]
Hosts Ian Lepo  and  David Oles discuss the three types of Chemical Bonds in this first episode of Chemistry for Dummies. They explain ionic, covalent  and  mettalic bonds. This is a great way to review [More]
This video series, Basic Chemistry for Biology Students, teaches the basic  chemistry  that you’ll need to know in your biology course, whether that’s introductory high school level, AP Biology, or even a first year college [More]