Organic Chemistry is like a really long movie. Every character has some side story,  and  if you jump in between, you will feel lost. But if you follow the plot from the start, it all [More]
00:30 Whoosh Bottle 01:31 Chemical Cut 02:20 Gini in a bottle 3:45 Iodine Clock 05:16 Can Implosion 05:59 Dancing Green Blue Flames Our annual video, shot mainly during the last day of lessons. Our team, [More]
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In this step by step video, I slowly explain  and  show how to make a working smoke bomb. This video was part of a “Mad Scientist”  chemistry  class project.
This is my umboxing of the advanced  chemistry  set chem c 3000, made by Thames & Kosmos. I tried showing every single thing the kit contains, but here is the full list, just to be [More]
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Whatever happened to  chemistry  sets? They turned entire generations of children on to  chemistry ,  and  they also have their own illustrious history. Hank takes you through a tour of the  chemistry  set over time,  and  [More]
This video features the Heirloom Chemistry Set as designed by John Farrell Kuhns  and  manufactured  and  distributed by H.M.S. Beagle in Parkville, Missouri.
Check out the most insane, educational, sensational,  and  lit vines of 2016….AP Chem style! Copyright Notices (Credits): Sony Vegas Pro 13 (software) Play 60 (PACER Test Voice) Imagine Dragons- Radioactive Adobe C4D (Intro Template) Google [More]
Chemistry is a branch of  science  that deals with the study of matter , structure of matter composition of matter , changes in matters, laws  and  principals according to which these changes occurs in matter. [More]