Practice doing  chemistry  grams to moles problems with a Ti-84 calculator
How to balance chemical equations. We’ll start out with examples that show the concepts behind balancing chemical equations. We will start with a word equation,  and  then write a chemical equations,  and  then visualize the [More]
We’ll learn how to write names for compounds that are made of two nonmetals, sometimes called binary compounds. Binary compounds made of two nonmetals are called covalent or molecular because the elements are held together [More]
This was my grade nine chem. Project for physical changes
This organic  chemistry  video tutorial provides a basic introduction into proton NMR spectroscopy. It explains how to draw the chemical structure of a molecule given its H-NMR spectrum  and  the molecular formula of the compound. [More]
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This  chemistry  video tutorial provides a basic introduction into acids  and  bases. It explains how to identify acids  and  bases in addition to how they react with water. It discusses how to identify the conjugate [More]
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A demonstration of several distillation techniques (simple distillation, fractional distillation  and  steam distillation) used in Organic Chemistry labs. Demonstrations conducted by: Dr. Scott Allen Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Physics, University of Tampa Directed by: Gordon McClelland Computing [More]
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ OPEN SESAMEEEEEE (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ happy new years guys! welcome to a new video! today, i am showing how i take  chemistry  notes that are pretty  and  effective. I hope the new year brings loads of [More]