Salon Owner | Starting & owning a salon business | Part 4 | Khan Academy

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Sam talks about her path to open a salon  and  the challenges  and  opportunities she has as a business owner. This video is part of a new series on Khan Academy covering the responsibilities, requirements,  and  financial aspects of careers.

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Salon NewLook says:

i am pplannin to start a salon

scrubs andblush says:

Do you have your cosmetology license? Do u feel like it is absolutely necessary to have one before u open open?

Lukonde Chaibela says:

Beautiful, I am working on something like this. It shall be opened in June next year.

Yana Popa says:

Very inspiring video! Thank you

roshan sequeira says:

Thank you, very good information.

The Nailchemist says:

i was literally looking for someone else who has done this! i just opened my salon with this type of format! thank you!

Kinna Clark says:

How do you figure in color corrections?

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