The Molecular Shape of You (Ed Sheeran Parody) | A Capella Science

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I’m in love with your bonding orbitals.
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A dot isn’t the best way to try to sum up how electrons come  and  go
They are the states of a matter field that follows  and  equation that Dirac wrote
The Schrodinger part of the whole equation will just lead
In sub-c when it expands
Now get that Coulomb  and  add it in with a proton
And watch them start to dance
As hydrogen it’s like

“Oh proton I feel your tug
Central potential dip down pulling on me
But I’m not falling in deep
No that would break uncertainty”

“Say oh
Electrons move too much
Slow down your pace  and  put that orbit on me
Come on now follow my lead
Come come on now follow my lead

Orbitals take the shape they do
As stable states of the quantum rules
And when a one approaches two
They combine  and  they’re bonding
Thus hydrogen as a rule
Is found in nature as H2
Energy configuring a molecule
Diatomically bonding

Low high low high low high low high
Diatomically bonding (x3)

Energy cofiguring a molecule
When orbitals take the shape they do

1/2 spin’ll give a lepton a twin
One up one down in the ground state
With S  and  P in quadruple degeneracy
The second shell can be filled up with eight
The higher angular powers spread out like beautiful flowers
In middle families they come into play
Well here’s a carbon with 6e
This ain’t nothing tricksy
But we’re gonna make some methane today
With hydrogen it’s like

“Oh atoms I feel your tug
Got my electrons bugged out pulling on me
Come on now settle round me
I’ll hybridize to sp3″

“Say oh
Carbon here’s touch
Spread out 109.47 degrees
Come on now follow our lead
Come come on now follow our lead”

Molecules take the shape they do
Combining states of the quantum rules
Like when a shell goes sp2
For sigma pi double bonding
And as widely as their purview
They spread out in the molecule
Look at benzene in a ring they hold it true
Aromatically bonding

Low high low high low high low high
Aromatically bonding (x3)

Look at benzene in a ring they hold it true
When orbitals take the shape they do

Come bond with me baby, come bond (x8)

Polymers take the shape they do
Combining base-level residues
Look they’re hydrogen bonding!
Peptides make a chain  and  group
In beta pleat sheets  and  corkscrews
With these secondary links they fold  and  move
They’re all over your body

Come bond with me baby, come bond (x6)

You’re a chemical machine
It’s best you knew
That molecules take the shape of you.

Copyright 2017 Tim Blais  and  A Capella Science
Original music by Ed Sheeran


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the song is awesome

Subramanyam Toleti says:

come bond wow
the baby of you(official video) have bonded very much

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Spectacular video. Now I am going to have this song in my head forever. Thanks Ed Sheeran. Thanks to you the most brilliant song has born. And thanks to the author of this new and fantastic song.

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wow this is like amazing like all your other music that you turned into science!

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Make a song on physics and maths also

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I have the feeling that lots of highly intelligent people studying for exams out there will be breathing a sigh of relief thanks to this song.

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This video does not deserve a single dislike. Amazing!👌👍

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Best Parody of that song I've ever heard. Although I don't understand any science, especially in a foreign language.

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Everyone involved, one word for you – Respect !!!!

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When you end McMurry, but still you have to do Biochemistry

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please put it on spotify

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