The New Chemistry: Crash Course History of Science #18

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One of the problems with the whole idea of a single Scientific Revolution is that some disciplines decided not to join any revolution. And others just took a long time to get there.


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eric t says:

I'll admit I've done 0 fact checking, but this is a great channel.

David Stinnett says:

That’s so interesting for revolutionary France, as in the 1789 revolution they were SUPER obsessed with rationality and progress.

Then again, that’s probably why he made that appeal

Halil Dee says:

Please Get Turkish subtitles 🖐️

Billy Lucius says:

1700's chemistry sounds like FART Science!

씨 쵸chow says:

we really need him to do more biochemistry lessons:(

Ken Neth says:

and we now live in the Age of Offense.

Jack Doyle says:

Englishness isn't in someone's DNA it's in their hearts and ideas.

AlterDieg8 says:

And the misogyny of the illuminated.

Freedom and reason for men but slavery for women.

Josh Greening says:

where is #11 and #12??

bly yat says:

Hey good one

Number Eight or Nine? says:

What is smaller, an element or human existence in the universe?

Stop Wasting Time on YouTube says:

what his mind looks like with all this stuff ? he does most of the crash course series by himself :/

Robert Anderson says:

Artillery only

Richard Short says:

Mmmm Bacon philosophy.

Heroine DeCheshire says:

we need crash course history of art

Theren Stormwind says:

“Disintegrate a willow tree”

I don’t want to go Mr Green

Meme Whore 21 says:

i am excited for the launch of 'AN ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE THING' on 26th sept .. are you?

Dana Yu says:

Does anyone have an idea what video editor crash course use?

Gordon Fiala says:

Wikipedia isnt reliable.

It isnt cited by reliable sources. It is anonymously contributed to by self confident people who dont use substantiated if any resources.

Wikipedia is generally garbage with a significant lack of knowledge

With Significant portions of false knowledge

And is highly biased
Based on the moderators themselves.

Héloïse Magnan says:

As a French, I studied half of this in school. Well, I wish I had Hank as teacher. It's waaaay more interesting explained by him

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