The Periodic Table of Elements: Chemistry Lesson

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Ricardo Cabrera says:

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Ricardo Cabrera says:

even minecarft music is better then this

Sans Fanf says:

its useful but it really help for my classes

Jesus Silva Munoz says:

Helpful,useful, and informational.

Josue Rodriguez Mejia says:

This is gay help!!!!!!!!!!

Alexander Tautolo says:

helpful!!!!! 2018 – 2019

Ricardo Cabrera says:

this is stupid muhahaha

Elijah San Nicolas Horca says:

2018 and this is still helpful

Felix Yesin says:

sorry just try to make it more fun

Sadie Miller says:

Your great help Mr. PšŸ˜€

Utpal Gajjar says:

Your chemistry videos are awesome. Love them. Can u make a video on nomenclature??

shachi thakur says:

Thanks sir for such a really really wonderful video. I find chemistry a non scoring subject coz my basic concepts are not clear. This video has helped me a lot in understanding the basics of chemistry. This video has helped me a lot in understanding the periodic table of elements which I thought I never ever could. Keep uploading such wonderful videos for students like us

Lora Singun says:

This is the best video I've found that explains the periodic table clearly. Thanks very much for uploading.

Anelya says:

Great but what about metalloids, actinoids, ;anthanoids, and transition metals

yolol says:

pretty good lecture, thanks a lot

josphat mlowe says:

congratulation for nice lecture keep it up.

Deepthi Mb says:

the differences are b/w whom…. and are sodium , potassium malleable and ductile ????
they r soft to cut …but how ???? malleable and ductile ?????
please explain it fast

phnindra reddy Dwarampudi says:

wonderful easy to learn

Reginald Finley says:

Wonderful video! Thanks!

Jia Lin Cao says:

16.10 at the examples isnt it ion instead of Iron?

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