Thermochemistry Equations & Formulas – Lecture Review & Practice Problems

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This  chemistry  video lecture tutorial focuses on thermochemistry. It provides a list of formulas  and  equations that you need to know as well as the appropriate units. It provides a nice review covering topics such as the internal energy of a system, the surroundings, endothermic vs exothermic processes, work, pressure,  and  volume. It explains the difference between work done on the system vs work done by the system. It also shows you how to calculate q, the amount of heat absorbed or released by a system for processes that involve a temperature change or a phase change including the specific heat capacity concept of water. This video also discusses thermochemical equations  and  reactions  and  how to do thermochemical stoichiometry  and  conversions. This video contains plenty of examples  and  practice problems.



Thanks JG. You helped me so much with a doubt about the sign – of PV. Salutes.

Drew Z says:

Watching him doing big calculations w/o a calculator meanwhile I can barely do something like 56-24 in my head.😅

Anathi Kelvin Hem says:

nice video lesson but i think your last example had a wrong answer it was supposed to be -180 not -184

Steven Gomes says:

I didn't come here to watch you test you mental math skills. use a calculator and trim the video down.

adri reeyes says:

Honestly I'm so thankful for your videos. Definitely helps soo much!

Samira Baghbanbarii says:

I love you so much
You are fantastic
God bless you man☆
For any topic and course that i learn something from you, i send a huge amount of positive energy
To u ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

John Thawng says:

I now see why they call me mans mark walhberg

Cassandra-Lynne Cowley says:

Just an FYI for you, towards the end of your video when you have the equation (-393) + 2(-286) – (-785) ….. You calculated that 2*-286 was 576.. but it is actually 572. which would make the actual answer to the equation be 180. just thought i would mention…. LOVED the video though, really helped me better understand.. I have a midterm on Saturday .. here to hoping I pass.

Anthony Wright says:

This this was a better explanation than my book,, thank you so much!


if there were hundreds of subscribe buttons I would definitely subscribe them too. I cant tell how much these videos help. Your videos are gold. THANKYOU

Singathile Ngubane says:

Highly appreciated,thanks

harvey ang says:

2(-286) =-572 😆

Yusuf Abubakar says:

Thanks for all your videos is real helping us I'm from Nigerian Turkish Nile university
Thank you so much for all the videos

Martin Ndungu says:

I love what you’re doing great stuff man

Nduduzo Ntombela says:

On the next video please use a calculator so that our data and time will be saved, and that will avoid doing mistakes,
but thanks for your vid, it really helped

Seth57 says:

can teachers please just put this on the board for lecture. Holy shit youre so much more clear than these stupid clueless teachers.

Яша Белопольский says:

18:25 2×-286 = -572 and so the answer is -180. And great thx for video!

Mayur Chhitu says:

if u read this comment you're getting a 5 in AP Chem

Enrique Palomino says:

you should do the sample with the units maybe for students wondering how you went from g of water and C degrrees to J.

NoRule Gaming says:

i dont't know it is mathematics 1st class or chemistry 11class

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