Ti-84 Calculator for chemistry part 1

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This video is for people who are in their first week or so of college  chemistry   and  who are fumbling with their fancy new Ti-84 calculator  and  just aren’t sure how to get started or could use just a little  more  comfort with scientific notation  and  basic operations. I give a few quick examples of some typical unit conversion problems that you might encounter in your introductory  chemistry  class (e.g. chem 121)


Meme Haven says:

Reminds me of Khan academy lol

Leslie Torner says:

hello! thank you for posting this video, it is very helpful! I have a question about problem a… i noticed that when you typed it in the calculator you left out the the cm^3 and did…1.09×7.11×10^24/100.0=7.7499E22…. but should it be 1.09^3×7.11×10^24/100.0^3= 9.2076E18? just curious 🙂 thanks!

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