Top 10 Amazing Chemical Reactions that Should not be Tried at Home. Compilation

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Top 10 Amazing Science Experiments ( Chemical Reactions) that should NOT be tried at home.


List of the Activites are
1) Rain Bow Fire Flame – Chemical Reaction
2) Chemical Volcano
3) Chemical Geyser
4) Fire Starter
5) Bleeding Iron
6) Blue Chromium Clouds
7) Black Sugar  and  Acid Reaction
8) Elephant Tooth Paste
9) Flaming Flask
10) Magical Burning Note

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Tamil Marvel Videos says:

Tells what to use,what to do,yet shouldn't be tried at home

Rishi jadon says:

Magical note is the best experiment

auro raam says:

U bitch how dare u can burn our Indian currency

ajay Shakti says:

Don't try at home..

Spiny Norman 88 says:

Does the noise pollution last through the entire video? Because my ears screamed at 28 seconds.

Suryaprathap Prathap says:

Chemistry is mystery yar💚💕💕💖

Tamilan Bharathi says:

what about doing the 10th reaction in hands instead of rupees note
is it okay?

Dipto Dhar says:

Plz more reaction want

Uyun Norohmah Mohd Ali says:

I hope that anyone trying to show people the awesomeness of chemistry, will also tries to educate people about the risk and hazard of these chemicals or activities..I do think chemistry is awesome..but I think it should be handled responsibly..

raj says:

5- bleeding iron…. . iron is a melt ?????

raj says:

Sir your mail id plz……..
Ask a one question
My id-

arnaud olivier says:

you're fucking dangerous. No information about hazard and precaution you have to take when you do your experiment. All your chemical reactions are dangerous

Tomo Polic says:

Did you just pour dangerous chemicals on a table that's on the playground where children eat and drink and never wash their hands?

Mónica B says:

There is some difference using ethanol instead of methanol? Methanol is toxic

Loren Ackels says:

#7 is how the pharmaceutical industry will test for inorganic impurities in drugs. The method uses sulfuric acid to char or oxidize the drug being tested. It is then placed in a muffle furnace at around 600 degrees C. All inorganic impurities will be left behind while the organic drug and impurities are burned off.

Dominik Ajdučić says:

Says not to try at home….

Jaisimha Allalghatta Gundurao says:

fun to watch

samir brahimi says:

Wow just go to a shop and buy so strontium yuuuupiii

Krishna Hemant says:

Results obtained are amazing

Ankit Ankit says:

8&10 were good

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