TOP 100 Chemistry GK Questions With Answers

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TOP 100 Chemistry GK Questions With Answers


Fairdeen Thank You says:

Where can I find this in softcopy

Kajal Mishra says:

14 question ans is diamond

joseph IFS says:

put for physics biology

Guru Prasad says:

Rare gases are monoatomic and not diatomic!!!!!!!!!! Plz make sure of it!!!!!

Evanna Lynch says:

15) how could it be hydrogen? literally like 1/3 of all compunds contain hydrogen i think you meant helium (actually its still neon and argon )


I got more confidence sir pliz upload more

Mohamed Saahil Yoosaf says:

I'm not too sure that the 19th answer is correct. Might be Quicklime (CaO)?

odisha study point says:

Good afternoon sir

MSK says:

sir its awesome…. upload more questions about chemistry

manu thakur says:

with all option likha kro sir than undrstand batter


Abundant metal aluminium


Sir varg 1 chemistry ki video banaiye

deepak jena says:

Galat answer kr reheho bro

khmih bha Mukhim says:

Not all correct

sirusolla dhinesh says:

look at the 10th question.

souvik sarkar says:

Teflon is not a Metal it is a polymer

Min Jin Seo says:

Loved the bgm 🙂

sankar rao says:

67 is argon

Amit kumar mandal says:

Pls SR make more video

uma shankar says:

it was really helpful eswaer aaapki har manokammanaeyae puri kare lekin ek baat galat mat padana upar wale sa dekatee hn

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