What Are Isotopes? | Chemistry Basics

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Basics of Chemistry is a new miniseries from the American Chemical Society about the basics of Chemistry. In this episode we’re talking isotopes, what are they  and  why are they important? Head on over to the official American Chemical Society youtube page for upcoming episodes!

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Kirk Zamieroski

Adrian Dingle

Scientific consultants:
Michelle Boucher, Ph.D.
Brian Kennedy, Ph.D.


Danielle Silvero says:

yassss! this the video is great but it went a little too fast for me

Amie Burnell says:

so helpful!! I was really confused on the different types of decay and this cleared it up!

Michael500ca says:

Yay! Chemistry!

Sadie says:

Umm why start with isotopes? Why not the 101 stuff

21fps says:

I’m glad because I’m just about to start school taking ac chem

Sam Mosqueda says:

Yessss I’m a chemistry teacher thank you!!!

Chelsea Conlin says:

This is a great idea!

Vasek Harna says:

Yes! I love it!

David O'Connor says:

Is nuclear fission a 4th thing that could happen, eg @ 3:00? Ie split into two atoms roughly half the size of the original?

David says:

I need to know this stuff – thanks!

nhendley says:

As a high school science teacher, glad to hear about these videos. But could you repost the video without the first 30 seconds of ad in it? The ad should be a separate video, IMO

Darkev says:

Yesssss finally some chemistry!!!

Maui0895 says:

Nice. You guys are back with great content!

The Last Targaryen says:

But how do you see an atom?

Hachi05 says:

Love it! Keep this new series coming! ❤️

Danny Vasquez says:

This good. Had to pause it like 20 times, though. I'm used to the pacing of Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky.

Dragon Skunk Studio says:

Who is this video for? I'm more confused than when I started this video.
This is one of those I am already a nuclear physicist who just needs a refresher course before I fix the reactor core?
And I still don't know what an isotope is.

Delta Beta says:

Why are group 1 and 2 elements called alkaline metals even when don't possess any metallic properties?

Yamen S. says:

Wow, thanks. I really needed to brush up chemistry knowledge, as I haven't used since high school.

Benjamin Easter says:

I really love these videos! I'm a chemistry & film student at Gustavus Adolphus College and combining the two has been a dream of mine. I would love to be involved with this channel.

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