Writing Ionic Formulas: Introduction

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Here’s how to write formulas for binary ionic compounds. We’ll see how you have to balance the charges of the two ions so they cancel each other out.


Everything guru says:

We can't use periodic while writing exam

Michaela Ortiz says:

My science teacher should honestly just play your videos in class instead of lecturing us more than half the class tbh lol

NGG _GaBrIeL says:

are they all ionic compounds allways

Abdulshaibi Shaibi says:

What a great job, I didn’t understand anything my teacher was telling me until I watched this video. What a great job

Laiba Tahir says:

u explain so well

RandomRansom says:

When someone asks me if I like chemistry… 02:43

Desi N says:

Thank you man, this was so helpful!

Mohamed Mostafa t.v says:

a teacher in class fail to explain what you did in 11 minutes…. thank you man ♥♥♥

Mahsa BH says:

why on earth arent you my chemistry teacher?????

Raymond Nyuke says:

this guy is just good. i find his explanations very easy to comprehend

ClayTV says:

Its so helpful, at school i was so confused, but now i understand completely.

Peter Muna says:

Hope after watching this next week you have an exam

Technical boy sameer says:

Thanks Dear

Murat Can Efe says:

lol you can just cross multiply to make your life easier

Joana Alkhunaizi says:

I think that the crisscross method is easier but thanks anyway 🙂

Trapkinggaming says:

I have a midterm today 😭😭😭😭

Mia Rxgers says:

I literally love you! Thank you and your my everything

Vishal Maheshwari says:

This helped me so much. Ive been looking for hours for a kind of video like this.

Nany 2005 says:

Why you didn't write the 2 of oxygen

Nany 2005 says:

I am a new student in Igcse school and i joined late where I have exams and i am tired😩 your explaining is helping me ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

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